AEPA Study Guides

Part 1: General Information

The first section is the same for all tests and contains general information about the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments and test-preparation guidelines:

Part 2: Test Objectives and Practice Questions, AEPA Custom Tests

The second section is test specific and contains test objectives and practice questions.

* For tests marked with an asterisk (*), the study guides have been expanded to include 80 practice questions.

Note: The AEPA program is now entirely computer-based. The study guides here may contain references to paper-based testing, including sample test directions; candidates should disregard this information when preparing for their test.

Part 2: Test Objectives and Practice Questions, NES Tests

NES® (National Evaluation Series™) tests replaced many AEPA custom tests for Arizona teacher certification (read more). NES test study materials can be found at the NES website, .

Examinees may continue to find the study guides for the discontinued AEPA custom tests useful as they prepare for the NES, as the previous AEPA custom tests may have covered objectives and content similar to the NES test. Therefore those study guides continue to be made available here.