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Study Guide

Test Design and Test Objectives
Field 101: Adult Education: English Language Acquisition

Test Overview

Format Computer-based test (CBT)
Number of Questions 60 selected-response questions
Time 1 hour and 30 minutes (does not include 15-minute CBT tutorial)
Passing Score 240
Pie chart of approximate test weighting, detailed in the table below.

Test Objectives

Table outlining test content and subject weighting by sub area and objective
Subareas Range of Objectives Approximate Test Proportions
I Foundations of Language and Language Acquisition 1–2 33%
II Assessment and Instruction in English Language Acquisition 3–6 67%


Subarea I–Foundations of Language and Language Acquisition

Objective 0001: Understand basic linguistic and sociolinguistic concepts and key components of the English language.
For example:
Objective 0002: Understand stages and processes of new language acquisition and factors that can affect language and content learning in a new language.
For example:


Subarea II–Assessment and Instruction in English Language Acquisition

Objective 0003: Understand assessment of adult English learners.
Objective 0004: Understand instructional practices and strategies that promote adult English learners' English language acquisition.
For example:
Objective 0005: Understand academic language and how to promote adult English learners' development of vocabulary and conventions of standard English grammar.
For example:
Objective 0006: Understand evidence-based and standards-based instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for adult English learners.
For example: