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Study Guide

Test Design and Test Objectives
Field 87: Professional Knowledge—Adult Education

Test Overview

Format Computer-based test (CBT)
Number of Questions 100 selected-response questions and 2 written performance assignments
Time 3 hours (does not include 15-minute CBT tutorial)
Passing Score 240
Pie chart of approximate test weighting, detailed in the table below.

Test Objectives

Table outlining test content and subject weighting by sub area and objective
Subareas Range of Objectives Approximate Test Proportions
I Understanding Adult Learners 1–3 40%
II Instructional Practice 4–7 50%
III Working in the Professional Environment 8–9 10%


Subarea I–Understanding Adult Learners

Objective 0001: Understand the unique characteristics and needs of adult learners and the processes by which adult learners acquire knowledge and skills.
For example:
Objective 0002: Understand the significance of diversity and how to create a respectful classroom environment.
For example:
Objective 0003: Understand procedures and practices for creating learning environments that ensure active engagement and support adult learners in meeting rigorous academic standards and their personal learning goals.
For example:

Subarea II–Instructional Practice

Objective 0004: Understand a variety of assessments and strategies to monitor progress and guide instructional decisions to ensure adult learners' continuous growth.
For example:
Objective 0005: Understand instructional strategies for creating learning experiences that make content accessible and meaningful while engaging adult learners in critical thinking and problem solving.
For example:
Objective 0006: Understand planning for effective instruction based on content standards, instructional resources, assessment data, and specific needs of adult learners.
For example:
Objective 0007: Understand the use of effective instructional strategies for adult learners.
For example:

Subarea III–Working in the Professional Environment

Objective 0008: Understand how to communicate and collaborate with colleagues to enhance learning opportunities and improve adult learner outcomes.
For example:
Objective 0009: Understand strategies for using reflective practices and continuous professional learning to strengthen the effectiveness and quality of instruction.
For example: