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Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments

Mapping the Test Objectives to the Curriculum

Mapping the test objectives to the curriculum is an activity designed to assist faculty in determining how well their course curriculum covers the knowledge and skills tested by the AEPA. Such an assessment may be used to support curriculum and program planning efforts undertaken at the college or department level. Faculty and others at Arizona educator preparation programs can use this tool to consider course offerings in light of the AEPA test objectives (which are themselves aligned with Arizona standards and validated as describing important content for Arizona public school practice).

Completing the Objective-to-Course Matching Worksheet can also shed light on areas of the curriculum for educator licensure candidates in which preparation is strong and areas in which preparation may benefit from adjustment designed to improve alignment.

Step 1. View or print the following instructions and sample completed worksheet:

Step 2. Complete the Objective-to-Course Matching Worksheet.

See the AEPA test objectives on this website.

Visit the NES website to download Test Framework Worksheets opens in a new window for NES tests.