Test Framework

The test framework outlines the content areas covered by the test. Reviewing the objectives/competencies in the framework will give you an overview of the material you will need to study in order to adequately prepare for your test.

About the Test Frameworks

A set of objectives (referred to as the test framework for NES tests) was developed for each test field to serve as the basis for test content. The test objectives (or competencies, for NES tests) reflect professionally accepted national subject and pedagogy standards and/or the certification standards, curriculum materials, and content of educator preparation programs in Arizona. The objectives are broad, conceptual statements written in language that reflects the skills, knowledge, and understanding that an entry-level educator needs to practice effectively in Arizona schools. Each test is composed of questions that measure a candidate's mastery of these test objectives. Each objective consists of two major parts: the objective statement, which broadly defines the subject matter that an entry-level educator needs to know, and the descriptive statement, which provides examples of the types of knowledge and skills covered by the test objective.

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